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Every Drop of Blood...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Gopal Rathnam
Information Technology Management
GMBA - April 09

At SP Jain, life is always on the fast track. You could find us on the wash room brushing our teeth rigorously ten minutes before the start of the first session at 9 O’clock in the morning, or you could find us running in the lobby thirty seconds before the start of the class. At the end of the session, we would take a quick lunch and get ready in time for the next two sessions of the day.
At the end of seemingly endless lectures, it was time to prepare for the next day. On any given day, or night, you could find all of us hanging out together, in the library, to complete the assignments, or prepare for the ‘surprise quiz’ or complete the pre-reading exercise. This would go on and on until sunrays hit the peak of the small hill on the Kent ridge park, near our campus. So, in short, SP Jain never sleeps!

Even though, our lives are always on the fast track day after day after day, today was special. We were still brushing in a hurry and were still running on the lobby in a hurry. But, this time, it was not to attend the classes on time. But, this time, we were up early for a noble cause. Donating blood!

Red Cross in Singapore and SP Jain jointly arranged for a blood donation camp in the campus today. Students registered with great pride and joy to donate blood. Assignments, projects, exams, surprise quizzes, and pre-reads took the back seat today as students flocked the leadership hall since early in the morning.

Overall 56 of us donated one unit of blood each by the end of the day. Every student was carrying the feeling of pride within them, when they walked out of the blood donation camp.

We are a team of students from different countries, speak different languages, follow different religions and cultures, but today all of us came forward to prove that even though we are from different culture, our blood is still the same; to prove that human life is precious than anything else.

Leadership club, which is one of many active clubs in SP Jain, played an active role throughout the day. More than ten volunteers from the club helped in screening students, recording body temperature and so on. Their work made the process swift, easy and comfortable.

At SP Jain, we always appreciate healthy life and we always believe that everyone in the world has a right to live. By donating blood, we are only helping people to exercise their own rights. We truly applaud all the students for taking their time off today and making this event a successful one.

Anyone who donated blood today didn’t know when it would be used; or who would use it; or how many lives it would save. All we know was, whatever we had done would save someone’s life sometime somewhere. When it happens, our pride and joy would be sky bound as every drop of our blood counts!


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