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Desert Rock Festival

Friday, September 30, 2005

A medley of thought assortions. Here goes .. Mood Indigo Arka 4 days 4 nights Parikrama Sumedha Vinayak IIT Powai Pachu Praket my first rock concert Aaakash Euphoria quizzes quizzes quizzes Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. I think I’d better stop.
The Desert Rock Festival here in Knowledge Village just transported me back in time and the trip wove the above mentioned threads into a feeling of ‘good old days’. Anyways a welcome change for everyone … from the die hard heavy metal jingoists like me to the philanderers and flirters. There was a LOT to be ogled

Two great bands. Mannikind ( good name ) and Death of Eighty ( well .. ummm .. ). I liked the former which eventually won. I personally would rate them much better than most of the Indian bands. Before the winners were announced a famous Dubai band whose name I could not quite comprehend performed a couple of numbers which had me floored. The vocalist was a taklu wearing black glasses and reminded me of R.E.M vocalist. These dudes played two original tracks “Please be my pain” and “Cause and Effect” … great songs .. not at all heavy. They were more like Metallica doing ‘Nothing Else Matters’.

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