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Saturday, November 19, 2005

We are back to the same LC's (Learning Center's), same villas, same KV, same food. I thought it would be fun if people could know some of the jargon we use here. And I will start with the biggest Daddy of them all .... RG..

RG stands for Relative Grading which is what we follow here in SPJCM. Relative Grading can be both a boon and a bane. RG in essence means that your success is my failure. Sounds crude doesn't it? But, there are many major followers of RG and I will WITHOUT taking names showcase some of the biggest RG followers.

1) Biggest of them all: This guy is known to have switched off alarms of his villa mates so that they don't get up early in the morning to study. He has even hidden handouts of people so that they dont do their pre-readings for the class next day. This guy is known to psyche people out by shouting war like cries before the exams. He was once given a taste of his own medicine when once a guy went and woke him up around 3 am and said, "Hey, 5 minutes before the bus leaves." This guy then ran and brushed his teeth changed and found dat almost everyone was sleeping and then looked at the clock to find it was 3.10 am and no prizes for guessing, he was stark raving mad!!!

2) Smart Player: This guy belongs to the nerdy world of IT. On a recent visit to the American University at Sharjah to understand their IT infrastructure, he is known to have promised people that he would take the notes and send it to them. The assignment has been already submitted and people are still waiting for his notes to arrive by mail.

More to follow .... watch this space!!!! ;)

Applications started

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hey SPJCM aspirants,

Here is some gr8 news for you all. The applications has started . You can apply online here

Wishing you all the best of luck with your applications!!

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