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The Thirteen Days

Monday, August 29, 2005

Today, we had a session called Non Classroom Learning held by Dr. Uma Narain who is AaFullbright fellow at the NY Univ, a Fullbright-Tata awardee at Omaha, Nebraska. She has also lectured at universities abroad and participanted in number of international programs.

She beleives in not teaching theories but in learning from watching. So what did we do in her lecture, we saw a movie ... yea a movie .... It was fun sitting with all my classmates ( all 65 of us ) it became a mini theater and your's truly was asked to man the projector ( the laptop ).

You may say, ok cut the crap and tell me which movie you guys saw? Ok, without digressing further we saw a movie called " The Thirteen Days " ... no it is not like the Anil Kapoor starrer ' Woh Saath Din '. I am too lazy and short of time to give you a synopsis, you can read the synopsis, reviews and ratings here.

It is an excellent movie and I have got a copy of it and I will watch it many times, many not with the analytical bent of mind that I saw the movie for the first time. I always wondered why JFK was so popular, what was that quality in him that made him America's most popular president and crowned the Kennedy's as the First political family of the US of A. This movie was awe inspiring. I mean you have 13 days remaining for you to decide what you want to do and how to abort the prospects of World War III ( read the synopsis, dont be too lazy :p )

It's a movie any person who is interested in knowing how to deal with people. I mean tell me what would you do when most of your advisors suggest you to go to war, but u believe that you should give peace a chance.

I am not going to break the suspense go and watch the movie, trust me you will love it!

Welcome to SPJCM!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's been 2 months and 19 days since we have arrived here. And for definitely not the last time we heard the phrase "Welcome to SPJCM". Now, you may ask what is this guy doing posting about a phrase that is so common. Well S P Jain has an unique culture here in Dubai.

The culture is that the students are here to work hard and the college firmly believes in ensuring that students work their asses off. It's a given. A constant

As all students in different colleges we do whine! and then you hear this phrase called "Welcome to SPJCM". Since then it has become kind of a joke amongst the students here. Someone says this is unfair man, how does the college expect us to do this... blah blah blah.... someone will say, "Welcome to SPJCM".

Not just to remind the other person but it is also a reminder for your own self that you can't whine, just get on with it.

At a certain level you find that there is some sense in this. Because in the corporate world you cannot whine, you simply cannot.

Oasis of SPJCM

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Just like the roses need the rain,
The artist needs the pain,
We need our game.

Yes my friends the chill out zone is our OASIS in this stressed out B-School environment. It has something for everyone who wants to escape the rat race that seems to be heating up with every passing day. The sports man has his TT racquet to release all his anger and frustration on the TT ball (the reason why the balls are cracking up so fast!). For some just hitting the ball is not enough so they go ahead and vent their anger on the racquet itself. So at the end of one month we have three broken racquets (which need to be replaced ASAP).

The chill out zone is also the meeting place of the Mattress Club.
These are the students who have permanent residency on the couches and mattress in between classes. Here they catch up on their sleep and refresh themselves for the upcoming classes. These people have the unique ability of sleeping in the middle of chaos (I am on my way to mastering this ability). It is complete chaos when a TT match is in progress and specially when there are people waiting for their turn to come. But the Mattress Club simply shuts itself to the sound and enters dreamland.

The non members (mattress club) have only one comment to make about the chill out zone.
"IT STINKS. How can people sleep in there?"
If only they knew that the smell hits you only for a short while and if you can fight that then you open the doors to NIRVANA.
"No pain no gain".

The chill out zone is also our TV room for most of the students who have not yet used this facility you are missing out on 1/3rd of the recreation facility that is being provided to us. So make full use of it. I think the comedy channel is a real De-stresser and should be viewed by all.

To summarize, if we did not have the chill out zone, MBA would have been a tougher ball game. So drink to your hearts content at the SPJCM oasis.

Thru my i's

Hello World

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

We know the term 'Hello World' is most commonly used when you write you first programming script be it any language. Well in this case we actually mean it as we embark on a journey to showcase life at S P Jain Center of Management, Dubai

The first question that may come to your mind is who are these people? Well we are students,currently pursuing our MBA at S P Jain Center of Management, Dubai. We have set out to chronicle our lives here. We hope that it makes for an interesting read.

If you are a prospective applicant here, then you should certainly be going through this for a bird's eye view of SPJCM.

We hope that when the next batch takes over, they will take over the mantle of maintaining and updating this blog. But for one year you are stuck with us or possibly those who may wish to join us at a later stage.

We will try and make you laugh, think and maybe (we certainly hope not) make you wonder whether the purpose of doing a MBA is to make sure that other MBA's understand you and vice versa.


Venkatesh Sridhar
Kanishka Agiwal
Purnima Jagtiani
Manish Mahajan
Pooja Arora
Anirudh Pachisia

P.S:- Henceforth credit for all common posts will go to the team. Individual posts will have the names of the author.

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