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Hello World

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

We know the term 'Hello World' is most commonly used when you write you first programming script be it any language. Well in this case we actually mean it as we embark on a journey to showcase life at S P Jain Center of Management, Dubai

The first question that may come to your mind is who are these people? Well we are students,currently pursuing our MBA at S P Jain Center of Management, Dubai. We have set out to chronicle our lives here. We hope that it makes for an interesting read.

If you are a prospective applicant here, then you should certainly be going through this for a bird's eye view of SPJCM.

We hope that when the next batch takes over, they will take over the mantle of maintaining and updating this blog. But for one year you are stuck with us or possibly those who may wish to join us at a later stage.

We will try and make you laugh, think and maybe (we certainly hope not) make you wonder whether the purpose of doing a MBA is to make sure that other MBA's understand you and vice versa.


Venkatesh Sridhar
Kanishka Agiwal
Purnima Jagtiani
Manish Mahajan
Pooja Arora
Anirudh Pachisia

P.S:- Henceforth credit for all common posts will go to the team. Individual posts will have the names of the author.


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