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Welcome to SPJCM!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's been 2 months and 19 days since we have arrived here. And for definitely not the last time we heard the phrase "Welcome to SPJCM". Now, you may ask what is this guy doing posting about a phrase that is so common. Well S P Jain has an unique culture here in Dubai.

The culture is that the students are here to work hard and the college firmly believes in ensuring that students work their asses off. It's a given. A constant

As all students in different colleges we do whine! and then you hear this phrase called "Welcome to SPJCM". Since then it has become kind of a joke amongst the students here. Someone says this is unfair man, how does the college expect us to do this... blah blah blah.... someone will say, "Welcome to SPJCM".

Not just to remind the other person but it is also a reminder for your own self that you can't whine, just get on with it.

At a certain level you find that there is some sense in this. Because in the corporate world you cannot whine, you simply cannot.


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