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Big Picture Series - The Highlight of SP Jain Singapore

Monday, September 1, 2008

Chirag Gala This small initiative left a big picture in the minds of GMBA January Batch of 2008 in Singapore. I consider this my privilege to be involved in the organising of the Big Picture Series along with Abhishek. This series was one of the most successful endeavours by our batch with 10 Sessions conducted with respectable attendance.
Big Picture series is all about learning and sharing. It encouraged all the students to come up with a topic which they have expertise in or have learnt during their experience with different companies. Students then presented the topic for 15 min, which was followed by interactive discussion on the same topic and question answer session for next 40 min. It was truly a learning experience with students came up wide range of topics covering supply chain management, ISO Management, Retailing, Blue Ocean Strategy, Bottom of Pyramid, Six thinking hats, Web 3.0 etc.
It all started with a chain of mails triggered by AVR discussing the structure of Big Picture with two senior students who actually started the series. And it ended with a wonderful presentation by Abhishek on the Second life. It was heartening to see after the last session that 6-7 students came up to me n abhishek saying they want to continue this in Dubai and will be presenting on some topic in future. However in Dubai it has been logistically very difficult to conduct the Big Picture.
I would like to thank all the friends who supported Big Picture as well as a big thanks to AVR. I would always hope that this initiative is taken up by future batches of GMBA in SP Jain and let the LEGACY continue.

GMBA - Jan 08

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