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Handing over the baton

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hi all,
The new batch has arrived and this batch of 2005, which will never be succeeded as ours was the last PGDM batch, has joined the corporate world and we hope to shake it. The GMBA batch has arrived in Dubai and Singapore will be starting from the 1st of July. I would like you guys to be introduced to the new guy in charge for this blog (obviously we will be pitching in too like guest columnists). I admit we did not do well to maintain this blog. So, I hope this new batch does it and I am sure they will do it very well.

The responsibility of this blog now resides solely on the shoulders of Kamlesh Acharya, who is the first guy from the GMBADXB06 batch (ya, thats what they call the batch which is in dubai right now) who expressed an interest in running this blog, so thanks to him I did not have to find a scapegoat and thrust the responsibility on that person.

Kamlesh runs his own blog - Mind Monologues. Do visit it.

So, this is Venkatesh, PGDM A 063, batch of 2005, S P Jain Center of Management, Dubai signing off as the chief blogger for this blog. I would like to thank my batchmates who were part of this.

Ciao and here is a toast for a new beginning!!!!


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