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Welcome To Singapore !!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Well, we are in Singapore now. Here are the latest updates in a nutshell. Both the Dubai and Singapore Cohorts have now swapped campuses smoothly as per plans and are all set to begin our 2nd term in their respective 'classy' cities.

The Dubai batch landed in Singapore first on 19th November, both the batches spent time together for about 2 weeks. This was the time when we interacted personally for the 1st time and got to know the diversity in the entire Batch (we’ve a lawyer, a doctor and one from the Merchant Navy too). And then it was time for the original SPJCM Singapore batch to bid Goodbye to Singapore and fly off to Dubai for the next six months... Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Probably, no other college in the world follows this model of exchanging its own mba students across the two most vibrant economies of the world.

Before coming to Singapore, we flew back home from Dubai for a very short 14 Day break, completed our SGP formalities, met up with some friends, did some pre-departure shopping etc... and finally landed in Singapore on 19th Nov.

But hey! What else did we do after coming to S'pore? Hmm... Well just one thing that comes to our mind. Explored... explored... and just explored this tiny little but extremely well planned City State. And let us tell you; it was FUN!! The Beautiful College campus (featured above is the library building snap taken from a 6th floor Hostel apartment), VIVO city Mall, Harbor Front et all... Singapore is very much like India and its so much 'Unlike' Dubai. Even the names of some places are like India... Crawford Market, Little India, Dhobey Ghaut, Hyderabad Road and Mustafa Market to name a few.

Singapore is such a happening place. It rains a lot and yet there is always something happening all the time. We also got a chance to have very informative interactions with a lot of Students from various nationalities studying at leading Universities like NUS, NTU and they have helped us in understanding the local culture better and very quickly. Singapore feels like a home away from home. It definitely has something that makes you feel at home... that welcome feeling which you will only get in some serene Indian cities like Pune, Bangalore etc.

That's it for now... We will keep you updated.

Catchya soon!!

P.S.: Here's the link to some snaps I uploaded on Yahoo! Photos... Check 'em out.
Click here for Hemant's snaps
and here for Easwar's snaps!



Venkatesh Sridhar December 5, 2006 at 6:44 AM  

Would be great if you guys could have a snap of the new acad city campus in Dubai.

Heman - What a name! I know, but let it be December 6, 2006 at 7:23 PM  

Hi Venkatesh,

The Dubai batch will land in Dubai soon. They will be the first to study and stay in the academic city. We will upload the snaps of Acad City on the SPJ Blog as soon as we get them from the Dubai students.

All the best to you for the NaNoWriMo Contest!


Devashish December 15, 2006 at 11:16 PM  

Hi Hemant !!
We'll send the snaps of the Acad City soon !!
Nice write up to sum up the 2 weeks for us.
Hope you guys r enjoying Singapore, just as much as we r enjoying our exploration of this land which is in the middle of "nowhere" !!

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