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Monday, February 4, 2008

Neha Singh
HR Management
GMBA - Jan 08 Arrey yaar vo Dus kahanaiyan lo na..usme chaapne ko khoob milega ......Oye yaar nahi ..usme vo kya to bhi story hain ..chal apan “Guru” lete hain se tipne ko bhi milega .....abbey pagal hain kya ..OB ki teacher maregee ..aur saare number gaye ..!!! vaise bhi class main sunte nahi hain ..isme kuch to chahiye...

Can anyone think what this conversation was all about .....!#@#@ .No this is not any group of friends discussing about which movie to watch on a coming weekend .Hold your Breath ....This is something which is totally out of the blue . Ok i guess i have built enough curousity regarding what this is all about (if not cant help it either)....So the answer is ....(music in the background..) this is a group of people talking about watching a movie as a Case Study !!!

Well never before in my life i had thought that movie watching can be traumatizing .For me movies were always something for fun , and the only reason movies were being watched was to do total time killing .Sadly though thats not the case any more .Needless to say when we were given the task of writing a case study of a movie we were all baffeled and confused . The only thought going on in our minds was ..Movies Case Study !!.... whats the corelation , wats the cost , wats the Utility ..our economics and acct class was also going on simultaneously so brain was total khichdi .

what had to be done had to be, (30 marks dude ) there was no escaping that . So we all ie my current group of 5 people sat together to brainstorm as to which movie to choose. There were a number of options we thought ..some of the best or most memorable ones were "Aaja Nachle " i know i know it was a horribly horrible movie ...and we didnt want to go through double tourture of watching the movie and analysing it so it was outrightly rejected .Another intersting option was "Honeymoon Travels pvt ltd " .Needless to say again these were all your's truly original patented idea's , which mercilessly got crushed :(To cut the short story more short we finally decided on Aankhen ..AB and 3 blind people . But as fate would have had it we were unable to find any time to watch the movie!!! (there was no time for sleep too ) Is it the same me !!!! On a serious note the movie was real good , its the best original authentic idea one could have come up with and hats off to the director who transported this gujju play into movie .The most important point was grouping with a enirely new set of people all from different backgrounds , sitting with them at odd hours just to make sure that we give this task our best shot .There was so much to learn from each one of them in this short span of time . Now i realise the importance of the case study .The punchline .."Nothing is Impossible " . And surely nothing is.

Thanks Mam for this assignment !!


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