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The Journey of GIMBA!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ten months ago we set our foot steps to a Journey,
Filled with enthusiasm, anxiousness, and a story,
We entered a world with dreams untouched,
Looking for a new discovery and an exciting ride.

The first day was the day of introductions,
Met some new faces and some with moving reactions,
Things in no time turned interesting,
And the journey appeared to be long and exciting.

In no time first term got over,
Everyday brought a new story and a new fervor,
As days passed by, some old stories died,
With an endless hope that it would change its stride.
Singapore was great but it passed on in a flash,

Dubai started with pockets already short of cash,
Inside the campus, temperature was not as hot,
As finance and IT students were no longer in the same boat.
ALP started with a bang and held a lot of hope,
And so did the first placement session,

In between all this there was a new turn in class participation,
As it showed first signs of desperation.
Oh god! Yes the placement fever finally caught up,
and everyday a new JD turned up,
making all of us wonder if a JD could turn into a job,
all of us would leave without a tinge of sob.

But as I sit down and look back at the last ten months,
It brings in beautiful memories and gives goose bumps,
Never ever did I imagine the journey would be so beautiful,
Because some times journey overshadows the eventual destination.

Namit Nayak
Information Technology, GDEC08


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