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Blood Donation Camp @ SPJCM, Singapore

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vijay Vaidyanathan
Information Technology Management
GMBA - April 09

The Leadership club of SPJCM has done it once again – organized a very successful blood donation camp in our Singapore campus on 02 Dec, 2009. The Leadership club under the guidance of Mr. Thaneer Lakshmanan, our academic manager has done an excellent job of canvassing for the event among the students. They sent repeated mailers, put up posters in prominent places, conducted explanatory sessions on blood donations encouraging people to come forward and donate blood. The students responded by turning out in great numbers. The target for the day was to collect 40 units of blood. We ended up collecting 56 units of blood despite many people being rejected due to failure to meet criteria like expected hemoglobin count etc.

We thank Mr. Thanneer and the leadership club for taking the initiative to organize such an event and help us take part in a noble cause. We are looking forward to many more events like this in future.

Videos by:
Vijay Vaidyanathan & Manu Iyer
GMBA - April 09

Photos by
Hrishikesh Keskar
GMBA - Nov 09


Anonymous December 8, 2009 at 12:20 PM  

Nice summary of the event...
a factual error though... mininum hemoglobin count needed in Singapore is 12.5 and not 13..

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