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Kaleidoscope - First Decade of the Millennium

Friday, January 8, 2010

The first decade of the 21st century has just passed and we’re entering into a new decade with lots of hopes in our heart. We, at SPJCM often wonder at how quickly the past 8 months in this course have just cruised by. But when we come to think of it, it is even more amazing to see how quickly the past decade has flown by. For many of us, at a personal level, this has been a decade of change. At the dawn of this millennium, most of us were either in our prime or late teens. How far have we travelled from there?! We’ve finished our Undergraduate studies and found ourselves a job; some travelled to various countries; some got married; and at the end of the decade, here we are, back at school :)

The world has also witnessed a lot of new things – some good and some bad. In some cases, the pace of change has been dramatic and changed millions of lives forever. We, at the blogger’s club entered into a discussion about the important events that marked the previous decade. In this post, we present a set of events that flashed in our minds.
Some of these are events that have changed the course of human history - Economic Recession, Global terrorism, Climate Change, the rise of the Internet and social media... There are few other events - IPL cricket phenomenon, the end of the war in Sri Lanka, entry of Apple iPods and iPhones, the Beijing Olympics extravaganza ... Though these events will take a special place in history, their impact has been much lesser and in some cases more personal based on one's interests.

We hope that a similar list made in 2020, will contain less of the tragic events and have more of the joyful ones.
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