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it's intermission!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Well, we just finished one half of the program at Singapore and got a break before starting with the grind at Dubai.

Looking back at the rapid fire six months, there are a lot of things that bring a smile on my face. The company of wonderful people, multiple group works going on simultaneously, one course after another and the swirling motion of life. It all went in a jiffy.

Do I miss it? yes, I am sure everyone of us does and will. Singapore is a gorgeous city with beautiful landscaping, greenery, infrastructure and all that an excellent place should offer. The nocturnal visits to 7-11, chatting in front of the reception lobby, sitting in the canteen and talking endlessly about endless issues, we will miss it all.

The faculties left no stones unturned to keep us occupied with each making sure that we have enough to read and process. Some of them were mellow and could be persuaded to ease the load but some would not budge, it all is a part of the game.

The Dean is an extremely respectable figure everyone looks up to. He would not be able to meet the students often but whenever he would, he left questions in our minds we could ponder over and over.

The night safari, the zoo, ministry of sound, the bird park, the bridge to Mount Faber and all encompassing greenery, Singapore is a dream city. I love Singapore and I will continue to love it.

All the best to the present batch and the subsequent batches. Make the best of Singapore experience, it's once in a while after all.

As I look forward to the next session at Dubai, all that transpired in Singapore has been permanently etched in my memory and I am sure, so it has in the minds of all my batch mates.


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