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The Sudoku Challenge at SPJCM

Thursday, June 26, 2008

That the power of an emotion can be translated into a catalytic series of actions was well proven on Saturday, June 14th 2008 at the SUDOKU Challenge hosted by S P Jain Center of Management, Singapore. Sparked off in an entrepreneurial spirit by the SPJCM EMBA batch under the guidance of Professor KOH SENG CHOON, the scope of the project expanded to much nobler goals. When the EMBA students became aware of the aftermath of the Sichuan Earthquake tragedy in China and Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, the emotion of humanity, brotherhood and the will to do something came to life in the form of a fund raiser in the aid of the victims. A group of 20 enthusiastic volunteers worked for 8 weeks to organize the Sudoku Challenge, sponsored by Emerson, the aid collection from which was donated through the Red Cross.

SPJCM GMBA and EMBA students, as well as outsiders were invited to participate in the qualifying rounds, and stretch their logic. A warm vibe enveloped the SPJAIN campus as the event moved ahead into the late afternoon at a steady pace. The contestants who emerged as winners in the elimination round- students as well as regular participants, all competed together in the final round for the first prize of SGD $200 and a trophy. Cartoon broadcasts, painting exhibits for sale were other parallel activities available to the participants.

After a nail-biting final round, it was time for the declaration of the result of the challenge. Gracing the occasion was Mr. Arun Sharma, President & CEO of GE Healthcare South-East Asia. The award ceremony began with a truthfully touching audio-visual that captured glimpses of the disaster, with a soulful playback performed live by Ayush, followed by a two- minute observance of silence in respect to the victims. A classical Kathak piece lifted the spirits, only to later tug at everyone’s heart strings with a poignant Odissi performance by Dr. Aruna’s team that showcased the effects of the 1999 cyclone that hit Orissa, India. The dancers, gliding in unison, expressed the joy and sorrow the element of water can bring; the giver of life, the taker in death. The dance was apt for an event which was an appreciation of the triumph of human perseverance against nature’s fury.
The GMBA volunteers opened up their box of talents as Ayush, Ankur and Ashish sang melodious tunes accompanied by Ayush rendering music on his guitar. Bharatnatyam and Jazz performances by Sreedevi, Princy and Gautam concluded the show on a lighter note.

The winner was Ms. Joan Tan, who selflessly donated 50% of her prize money to Red Cross, truly exemplifying the spirit of our fund raiser. GMBA students Neha and Nikhil bagged the Runner’s Up positions.

The Sudoku Challenge can be best described in Mr. Arun Sharma’s words: “something I will remember for a long time to come.” It is events like The Sudoku Challenge that remind us that even though a drop may not make a difference to the ocean, but that the fact remains that it is millions of drops like these grow larger to take the imposing form -that of an ocean.

The satisfaction gained from an earnest act of social responsibility goes beyond the boundaries of nationality, the confines of countries and differences we may harbour, because each individual was bound together that day by a single emotion – compassion.


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