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Innovation-Productivity-Change: A measured approach

Saturday, August 22, 2009

With the ever changing global business landscape, carved by technological advances and the ongoing challenging times of recession companies are struggling to keep their heads above the water to breathe and survive. There has been a shift in the philosophy of productivity, a shift which has the potential to render the big ones helpless and the small ones with all the power. The shift is that of Innovation.

Innovation has become a buzz word with every new kid on the block, challenging the big and established ones on the grounds of innovation. Responding to the change and threat associated with innovation, firms today have become more experimental than ever with huge involvements in terms of resource and capital commitment.


Empty roads, Closed Coffee shops pooled with the sound of music speak a thousand words for many. The clandestine beauty of life might have blown away many and yet there are cynics who don’t understand it. The cherry will be ripped apart if the mystique nature of it is not enjoyed in its totality.

Life is made up with so many moments and stories. Some are complete and there are some which last for few moments and are incomplete, yet they are the ones which remain afresh in ones mind with its surreal and mystique nature. There are times when your heart cries remembering them and at times it brings with it hope and an irresistible desire to do something extraordinary.

The enigma for many is to how to rekindle that one small magic moment into eternity.

This is my world

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is my world
This is how it is

The six year old in Darfur fighting with an AK-47
The sixty year old obese in the US waiting for his ticket to heaven

The four year old in remote Sudan hopes food will reach his parched lip
The forty old mother in China remembers her second child, offloaded to Hong Kong in a ship

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