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This is my world

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is my world
This is how it is

The six year old in Darfur fighting with an AK-47
The sixty year old obese in the US waiting for his ticket to heaven

The four year old in remote Sudan hopes food will reach his parched lip
The forty old mother in China remembers her second child, offloaded to Hong Kong in a ship

The one year in Aceh fighting for survival in a dysfunctional incubator
The ten year old Mongol knows no difference between a crocodile and an alligator

The five year old in Mexico waits with his mother at the junction, waiting to hop
The fifty year old Russian who once was a proud cop

The three year old in India shares his room with ten others
The thirty year old Afghani militant knows no difference between foes and brothers.

The seventy year old German waits for company, only a dog to tame
The seven year old korean is hooked on to his video game

The teenager from Pakistan sprays bullets at innocent
The teenager from Iran displaying his protest vehement

This is your world
Will this be how you leave it to your progeny?

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