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Quantum Computing – The wavy world.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Playing with waves and particles is the game of future world. These days we follow up waves in the fields of Mobile Computing, GSM, GPS, Listening radio, Bluetooth for transferring Data, RFID Tags, Infra red in TV remote and many more numerable examples in day today life. These are some of the basic usage of transferring Information through waves. If transfer is possible, then why not processing of information in waves? Quantum, wave Computing comes and play a major role in developent of  wave processors.

Waves are like everywhere and nowhere. Imagine a world where each of us is allotted a processor in waves. It would scan your face for authentication and available to serve you for 24hrs without any interference of outside world. It would project Virtual image on air and control your day today activities may be related to Finance, Scheduling, Automations, Calls, Entertainment, Business Problem, accidents, alarms and ample of utilities with the move, by processing and projecting Virtual Environment on air. It would just change the way world moves. No need to carry hardware, software and multifarious products. Just live your life in complete automated, planned, user friendly manner with your wavy personal Assistant moving as per your speed of life. Controlling, adapting  and keep on updating  itself according to your behaviour.

Feasibility – Processing through waves is already possible and have been implemented in Virtual Laser devices like keyboards, imaginary blackboard on air. As per diagram, the Keyboard keys are waves projected on solid surface and have capability to process the clicked keys and transfer data to PC.

Wave Computing

As per above, processing in wave is very much feasible but challenge is to project waves on air analogous to sentosa(Song of the sea in Diagram), with novel Operating System.

Hope some innovative Organization soon come up with this unique product to revolutionize the world’s traditional computing.

Rightly said -

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Puneet Bajaj

Internet Marketing Management

April 09


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