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Revolution of Information Management – Adding Intelligence

Friday, July 24, 2009

World of Information is becoming complex day by day. New information is getting accumulated at Geometric progression. Side by side different innovative tools, algorithms and web applications are getting developed to have search, usage and utilization of information as best as possible. Accumulation of tremendous information in this Global world has forced us to do proper trade-off between Precision and accuracy of complex Information, using tools like Six Sigma. Because information derived and needed would be different for different humans, but database is same, and more precise the information, higher chances of inaccuracy and vice versa. Now, by analysing and embedding different variables and Technologies, we are slowly and steadily moving towards Knowledge based search Engines, adding intelligence to our search for information and last but not least trying to imitate “Human mind".

Knowledge based search would really be a revolution and very difficult to implement. For e.g. Currently, we use Text, Voice, image, visual based search through machines. But having a search based engines which analyze surroundings, past, present, future prospects, real time environment and multifarious macro, micro variables of the world analogous to Human Brain does and finally deliver result in 3D, audio, visual, interpreted, simulated way. This would really be a new gyration in the entropic world and change the meaning of word “Search”.

Knowledge Based Systems

Instead of implementing search based Engines using one Tool and technology, Search should synchronously and coherently use different integrated hardware, products, software, services and algorithms to get the best possible output. Google, the leader of Search based engines whether its Searching information, images, earth(Google maps), videos(YouTube), people(Orkut) or anything, Google is always ahead in this. Realising value of Information Management, Slowly and steadily they are shifting from “Database tag keywords to knowledge based search” by integrating real-time Webcam, location, traffic, video, advertisers, sensors, macro, micro factors and many more inbuilt attributes to provide user “what really he/she interested in”. Still, today’s Information based search has just entered into Search engine arena. Still lot to explore to replicate Human mind made by God.

Rightly said -
"Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand."

Puneet Bajaj
Internet Marketing Management
April 09


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