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Love, Life and Logic

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Madhur Dhawan
Services Marketing and Management, December-08

With each passing day, we all are moving towards “crucial time”. This time is something which we all dreamt of when we applied for this institute. No doubt all of us are full of energy and have high hopes!

We all see the glimpse of the totally commercial world outside within our batch. We have seen many ups and downs in past eight months which have brought us together and have taken us apart. Each case study and each subject has thought us of being more and more professional in approach, to focus more on our objective. Our professors have given us a piece of their minds and we have engrained those conclusions in our minds.

No doubt each of those case studies tell us more about how professional organizations are today but haven’t we somewhere forgotten the meaning of happiness in between. I think there have been certain instances in our past 8 months which have made us more human and any of those lectures could possible have. At this point in time when I am writing my third blog for the SPJCM student blog, I can hear an old song in my ears. “Are ruk jaa re bande, are tham ja re bande, ki kudrat has padegi”. This song says that man no just look how self centered have you become that the whole world is about to laugh on you”.

 I think that today all of us have become very self centered, we are constantly running towards a bigger goal which we do not know, we have completely lost track how simple small things can bring so much happiness to us. The more we are moving towards our so called “bigger goal” the more we are forgetting to be happy. The constant pressure of achieving and proving yourself has taken away the sheer joy of life.

I think there are some things which we all have forgotten to do in the rush of achieving a “bigger goal”. The small bundles of happiness!

 The sheer joy of life has the potential to make us forget all our worries!


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