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Mobility in retail in-store applications

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Richa Tewari
Retail Marketing, April 2009 batch

Retail Mobility refers to the collection of real time accurate data at any point of store activity and gaining access to task related information at the work location point. As a result of this technology, more staff is available on the shop floor between customers instead of performing heavy backend work.  The consumer perception of store service assumes a marked impact by concentrating staff availability in customer facing locations. This is mainly achieved using some form of hand-held computing device which is used to implement a process in software at the point of activity or location of work.

Retail mobility technological solutions include a variety of single application devices, stand alone technology, wirelessly connected multi-tasking computer platform with printing and automatic data capture (bar-code, RFID) capability.

Retail mobile computing platforms are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and flexible and thereby presenting an attractive picture to retailers.  The advancements and acceptance of Wi-Fi as an everyday technology allows immediate update of data, and real time provision of information to store sales information at the point of activity.

To date, self-service executions in a retail environment were limited to informational wall-mounted kiosks, kiosk stations and self-service check-out stands. Retail mobile computer is a progeny of latest technological developments which is intentionally designed to revive the consumer in-store shopping experience. A retail mobile computer empowers your customers wherever they are in the store and provide instant answers at their fingertips enabling a fun and interactive shopping experience.


ViveK July 19, 2009 at 8:31 AM  

Great Article Richa,

I am religious follower of RFID technology and the varied application where it can be used.
I was reading some of the usage of it in the retail industry, Its just amazingly shocking how the future of Retail will change, every product which a consumer picks up will be giving data to the manufacturer and the retailer(just the way we receive RSS). The market research will also be redefined in a way which will completely revolutionize the way retailers are doing business.

Thinking from a retailers prospective i would most profit if i can provide the right product at the minimum time and with the minimum operational cost. If all these three things can be stored as an information on a totally customized form then it will take the entire Retailing to a whole new experience, And this is what happening with the use of technology.

Solutions will vary with the single application, Individualistic technology to wirelessly connected multi-tasking computer platform, accompanied with printing and automatic data capture (bar-code, RFID) capacity.
Find the benefits in statical data of retail mobility implementation.(Reference:

Being 40% more effective at reducing out of stocks
        Improving product availability by 1-2%
Reducing time to take inventory by 84%
Reducing wastage by 20% through accurate stock recording and timely and optimal price reduction
Speeding up transaction time at POS

Just in case you want to know more interesting usage and how RFID is changing rules of the game in various other sectors pls follow "RFID journal" on twitter

I will be keeping an eye in this forum for more informative articles from your kitty :)


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