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Geeky Pickup Lines

Thursday, February 11, 2010

• The Physics PHD (Pura hogaya Deewana): Light travels only in a straight line. Can u make sure u’re sitting right in front of me?
• Can I take you out for an educational movie organized by finance club?
• With you so far away, the demand and supply can never be self-regulating
• Let’s sit next to each other in the guest lecture by TIE.
• We should focus on consolidating the arbitrages in our thoughts. . Should help us interface better..
• I forgot my text book can we share yours for the lecture?
• Despo case: Guess the others will take time, let you and I complete the assignment for the team?
• If only the windows on my desktop were a window to you.. I’d never need a door in my life..
• Can you please explain me macro economics in China( most crankiest and most complicated economy chosen for minimum 1 hour discussion)
• Please have my resume it has every detail of why you should choose me.. We can meet in the library to take this forward.
• Lame: Nice laptop, but not better looking than the fingers that keys into it
• My MS outlook is hung, can you debug it please?( lame lame..MS products must have contributed to so many lame dates(??))
• Can we sing a duet?? You turn on your winamp I’ll turn on my itunes lets synch this together
• Come, let me give you a quick briefing on how the ABC(PR,II,PLA) committee works .
• You fill my synapses.. All that I can think of is the copper sulphate like iris of yours.. oh belle do you really have to hit my cerebellum so hard?
• Could you please review my 5 min prepared(ghastly written, grotesquely delivered) speech, My English ain’t no good.
• So it’s a date?? But only one rule the bill will need to be paid as per ABC. I am not going to pay for your overheads.
• We seem to gel well, let’s tell the program coordinator to put us together on next few assignments :p
• As we tend to infinity, the CSFs would involve the numerator (being the ups) being far greater than the denominators (being the downs) in our integration.


chicago master science of finance February 11, 2010 at 5:35 AM  

But I found it to be a very inspirational semester. The instructors and advisors understand that new students may not be up to par in their work experience and training. Accordingly, they are very supportive and provide a wealth of guidance throughout the program.

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