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The Dawn of Internet Marketing

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sharon Barsey

Service Marketing and Management

When I graduated from Senior College in 2006 the biggest dilemma I faced was which industry I should make a career in. I met many career counsellors, gave random interviews to see what excites me the most, until one fine day I got an interview call from an internet marketing company. Not knowing anything about this industry I thought lets give it a try. I gave the interview, got the job and from then on there has been no turning back.
The whole concept of using the internet as a medium to reach out to customers and entice them to buy seemed so amazing and promising to me that I decided to test my boundaries in this field.
Internet Marketing or online marketing as some of us call it is essentially using the internet as a medium to market products and services.
The various forms of internet marketing include:
• Affiliate Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Viral Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Interactive Advertising
• Mobile Advertising
• Banner Advertising
• E-Commerce

Subsequent posts will explain each of these in more detail. Also several internet strategies and models will also be discussed like Web Analytics, Web 2.0 etc.
Another important aspect that will be covered are the competitors – Google, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter
Finally the latest developments in this industry like ICANN conferences, Traffic Conferences and similar stories will also be covered.
So the tall and short of it is that to know the in and out of this ever growing and ever changing industry, that is quickly eating into the market share of other mediums of advertising, keep a watch on this space.


Lokesh Mudgal June 29, 2009 at 9:50 AM  

A very appreciable article man.. do complete the entire series... will be looking forward to it.. and finish it soon.. i Have my ALP based on somewhat same themes.. will be following this post..

Sharon Barsey July 1, 2009 at 9:19 AM  

Hey man..thanks but this is a Wo-Man not a Man :)..abt the post there will def be more to the series so keep a watch..also u can meet me or mail me incase u need any help with ur alp..will b glad 2 help u :)

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