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History Repeats Itself-Marketing History in three phases

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gaurav Sharma

Product Marketing and Management
December 08

Since this is the first post that I am going to write for the launch of the SPJCM PMM blog I thought it would be appropriate to understand or revisit the history of marketing. So, let me take you through the marketing history in 3 phases in three different posts. From a marketer of the current times we can actually divide the marketing history into three phases.  One before 20th century, one during 20th century and the one after 20th century i.e. 21st century. During the current times it so important to understand what has happened in past so that we derive the maximum out of it. Also we do not want to repeat the same mistakes which have already taken place.

I am not going to go through the marketing theories which have actually been developed, re-written, evolved over these three phases but what I am going to do is to get the applications of these theories and then have an idea of what made them clicked, survive or not survive till today. Now there are going to be theories which are not applicable in today’s time. So, what is the reason behind that, and could those applications actually do something else so that they could have survived the times or improved in the times they existed? The fact which will always remain is that marketing is infinity, there is so much to do, so much to undo and so much to redo in marketing. It starts from procurement and does not end in retail. The whole concept is not to allow it to end. It is omnipresent but what we have to focus upon after understanding the history of marketing is that it is not omnipotent. But can we make it omnipotent is going to be the next series of posts.

So that’s what the whole idea of the initial posts will be for this coming week. Do let me know what your comments on the same are so that I can pitch in your requirements in the upcoming blogs.


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