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Retail Marketing - An exciting world

Monday, June 29, 2009

Varun Sankar

Retail Management
December 08

Hey guys!!! To introduce myself as a Retailer would be just like a business card to the unknown. I am entering a world, that I have craven for, only armed with the zeal and wide eyes of a child taking his first steps.

Retailing – It’s an amazing concept that has evolved over the years. Tested over time Buying and selling of goods must have a past that I am unaware of but I can just assume that must have its roots even prior to the barter trade. Concepts evolved over hundreds of years would hence require more than just a lifetime to learn.

It is just fascinating how making goods available to the customer in a way replete with making him buy, would seem so complex that requires more than just an MBA course that would make us more than just an average Retailer.

Our study in the next few months would entail just that, making us smart retailers! Is retailing just about how stores are designed, studying the various formats of stores? Understanding why you and I buy and where? Is it learning about the various success stories that made the Walmarts, Metros and Carrefours of the world? Folks, it is much more, and I m dying to learn and share much more.

Thanks to the college that apart from just classroom study, we have a fascinating class mix of students providing ample scope to learn with and from everyone concerned. Another part of the jigsaw is an exposure to the Retail havens of Singapore and Dubai. There are also two batches in Singapore now to boost. We just formed the Retail Club to have a better coherence between the junior-senior link and enhance a learn-together environment.

This is just the beginning. An intense learning awaits us and I promise to update you on all the interesting news and learning that drives us into a world full of opportunities’ in three of the world’s most promising regions of South East Asia, Middle east,  India and beyond, there are not just hurdles and challenges but more than a lifetime of learning to go.


Shaheen June 30, 2009 at 1:01 AM  

Looks like you are pretty excited by the upcoming challenges. Hope you live upto them. Inspiring text..

Himanshu June 30, 2009 at 12:39 PM  

Hi Varun,

Seems like u r going to have a great career ahead in Retail Management. Best of luck for the same ..

Laxmi July 2, 2009 at 8:47 PM  

Yes Varun, we guys will rock. It definitely has immense opportunities not just for us in retail but also the subsidiary sectors related to retail. Like we learnt RETAIL is the biggest pvt industry !!!!!
Brace on, here we come .

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