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Let’s come together-Let’s look beyond

Monday, June 29, 2009

Namit Nayak
Information Technology Management

Atrocities, Rapes, Murders, Terrorist attacks are no more a rarity. Scholars have spoken, introspection have been done before, mirrors have been broken but all in waste. Where are we going wrong?. Why is there no consensus in building right things and why do we desperately build upon bad things? Who will lead the sea of change? Why not me, why not you? Let’s start now. Let’s come together-Let’s look beyond.

World has seen so many sporadic changes culturally, economically, and education wise. The literacy level has gone up, economy has improved, cross cultural interactions have increased but between all this our approach towards life has gone narrow and it is sad to see that it is sliding down even further. Materialism is more important and the ability to lie and escape without getting caught probably has more weightage in gauging a personality.

Innocent people are killed in endless bomb blasts, racism is on a rise both inside and outside the country and death of human life is measured in sheer numbers. There are thousands dying as a result of poverty and there are few spending millions on birthday gifts! Humanity has gone for a toss and cynicism is in fashion! The fundamental issue with all of us is the fact that we are too busy worrying about trivial matters surrounding us and in turn losing out to the larger reason of our existence. The only way it can be done is by self-actualizing and by broadening our perspective towards life itself.

But when I look around I still find traces of a lot of inspiring works. The day these inspiring works are appreciated and adopted by societies around the globe in totality is the day when the world will get an all important healing touch. I know it is easier said than done but the only way human society can evolve is by bringing the change within ourselves. I am sure the day would come when people will have better things to do than to be held up in the web of jealousy, narrow mindedness and hatred. That would be possible only when we come together as a global society and where power would be not about oppression but about empathy. The chains will break only when we put our hands together for larger cause of the society. So let’s light up our thoughts and ignite the spark which is within us.


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