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What's in a Name?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ishtiba Meeajane

Product Marketing Management
Dec '08

Before this course I thought marketing was just one word used to promote any product. I joined this course in Product Marketing to know more about how to sell products. But more and more during our lectures am becoming more reflective about the role of marketing in our lives. Is marketing the mere selling of products? And services? (For my friends in service marketing)  This narrow definition that many of us have once given to marketing has been long discarded.  Today for my first post I won’t bore you with any more theories. I think our case studies in class have been enough for you all.

So let me bring you all to the world of branding. Who has not heard of Gucci, Mc Donald, Louis Vuitton, Coke, Nike, Chanel…and the list continues on. These iconic brands have become part of our daily lives. Some of us swear only by Adidas shoes, the Billabong shorts or the Giordano T-shirt we wear. What is it with those products that make them so appealing? Why do we all purchase them or go mad when we hear about sales of these going on. Like it or not, brands are part of us, part of who we are. This is the power of branding my friends. We may ask ourselves what’s in a name after all!!

Is it only about the name or is there more to it? How did brands make it to the top and what was so different about them.. That  is what my posts for the following week will focus on.  So for the time being, I leave you to reflect on those few things!


Aaina July 1, 2009 at 7:20 AM  

nice one.Looking forward to your following posts....( gud1 on adidas & billabong shorts.. plz dnt forget nike-air shoes... :P ...)

mayank August 12, 2009 at 8:00 AM  

hey guys... i have applied for produuct marketing in SP hain dubai
i am an eng. who wud like to shift to product marketing

let me kow of instances.. of ppl who have done that

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